Our Services


With the right skill and knowledge, correct pruning can result in trees that are healthy and safe, as well as ascetically pleasing.

At North Star Tree Solutions we have a passion for pruning and would love to help care for your trees.

We specialize in canopy and crown care, structural pruning, fruit tree pruning for maximum fruit production, as well as reversing damage caused by incorrect pruning methods.

Whether its pruning tree limbs away from a structure or preventing future hazards with structural pruning, we can help enhance your trees health and appearance.

Disease Diagnosis and Management

Trees are a  major part of our ecosystem and as such, can be greatly affected by a variety or pests and diseases. If you think there may be something wrong with your tree, we can help! We have several tools we can use to determine what may be affecting your tree. Once the disease or pest has been identified, we can work on a management solution to get your tree back to optimal health.

Soil Care

The soil under and around a tree can tell us a lot. With a trained eye and some investigation, we can determine if anything is occurring at the soil level that could be affecting your tree. From poor root structure to nutrient deficiencies, there is a lot happening down there that can compromise your tree. Let us take a look and come up with a solution to keep your tree healthy for years to come. 

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Tree Risk Assessment

Worried that a tree near your house may be a safety risk?

There is actually a calculated equation that arborists can use to determine how much of a risk a tree is and how likely it is to fall down.

We are certified in the Tree Risk Assessment methodology and can help put your mind at ease by determining the actual risk of your tree and developing an action plan to reduce that risk.